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Welcome to the Endless Rain page!

Endless Rain is a fantasy-cyberpunk art and writing project. It takes place in a world where humans are living side by side with lizard-like people called lethans.

Sanyuki is the reincarnation of a powerful esper, who has to leave home to combat an ancient evil known as the seven demons. She does so with her brother Ashikato and a mysterious fellow esper called Cyrai, who have to support her as she struggles to control her psychic powers. The demons used to rule the world, spreading chaos and war in their wake, until they were imprisoned in the Night Stones made by Sanyuki's predecessor. Now, a millenia later, they are slowly breaking free. Sanyuki, along with the other reincarnated espers, have to seal them in their stones once again. But there are others, hoping to benefit from the demons' emancipation. Among them are Zaikyochi; a vengeful cyborg, and Daerokia; a half-demon seeking immortality.

Character Pages

The main characters have their own webpages! Click the buttons below to view! There you can read their backstories in their own words, as well as find illustrations, fan art and other goodies.


Sanyuki is a powerful esper. She had to leave everything behind to fight an ancient evil, despite her powers being unstable.


Ashikato is Sanyuki's little brother. He is also her caretaker and best friend. Always cheerful, he loves the sea - and pie!


Zaikyochi is a vengeful cyborg who teams up with an arbiter of the ancient evil, to take down those who created him.

Endless Rain Art Gallery

Endless Rain Gallery

Illustrations I've made for my project "Endless Rain". Lots of lizard people and fantasy-cyberpunk goodness!