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Welcome to Xeik.se!

Hi! My name is Charlotta Bävholm, the owner of this site. I'm a character artist from Sweden. This is my personal site where I host my paintings and projects. I felt my portfolio (where I just show my best professional work) was too constraining and wanted a place where I could show all of my stuff, whether it's painting, writing, 3D or webdesign ^_^ So feel free to take a look around!

Why is the site called Xeik.se, you ask? It's just my online nickname :D Xeik is short for Xeikkeiu, a name I've been using on different sites and online communities since 2004.

~ Wanna just see the best parts? ~

Check out the character webpages I've made for my own characters from Endless Rain! Just click the buttons below.


Sanyuki is a powerful esper. She had to leave everything behind to fight an ancient evil, despite her powers being unstable.


Ashikato is Sanyuki's little brother. He is also her caretaker and best friend. Always cheerful, he loves the sea - and pie!


Zaikyochi is a vengeful cyborg who teams up with an arbiter of the ancient evil, to take down those who created him.

Or you could check out the main art gallery, with just my best paintings. Click the button below!

Main Gallery

This is the "Best Of" gallery, to display only my neatest illustrations!