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Welcome to the Dragon Dreamers page!

Dragon Dreamers is my very own manga project! It takes place on a group of island nations where dragon rider battles is a sport that can gain you anything; fame, money, glory! Once every four years, there is a grand tournament that will establish the best dragon battle team in the nation. Figaro is a young dreamer with his own dragon, who wants to put together a team of his own and take it to the top! The problem is only... he's really lazy. Along the way he meets and forms a crew with other rejects and failures like Artemis; the ex-gangster trying to turn a new leaf, and Ofelia; a brilliant girl with no sense of teamwork. Will they pull through and make their dreams come true, or will their individual shortcomings keep them from reaching the top?

Below, you can read a bit about the main characters!


Figaro grew up with his grandparents in the tropical coast of the island nations. He was inspired by his grandma to become a dragon dreamer, but since we was the class clown, no one took his dream seriously. Now that he's old enough, 17, to compete in the grand tournament, he intends to give it his all! ...If only he wasn't so damn lazy. Figaro often prioritizes fun and goofing off to working hard towards his goals. But he has an excellent sense of empathy and an innate charm that makes people want to follow him. If he doesn't watch out though, those social skills can turn into manipulation or people-pleasing.

His dragon Typhoonius, nicknamed Ty, grants him wind magic. He unleashes that magic with his two short swords in a flurry of attacks. His attacks rely more on speed than strength, and require a great deal of acrobatics.

Figaro loves spicy food, and is afraid of monkeys.


Artemis comes from the desert part of the island nations. Despite having a loving family, she grew up as a teenage delinquent, and eventually joined a violent gang. She used to pride herself on doing what she wanted and giving the middle finger to authority. But then, tragedy struck. Artemis was grievously injured, and several of her gang members were killed. That trauma made her rethink her priorities in life, and go back to school. Her leg injury took away her ability to do hand-to-hand combat, so instead she studies to be a magic caster, while part-time working as a guard. When she meets Figaro, she's still struggling to find her way in life, and ends up joining his team to become a dragon dreamer on a whim.

Her dragon grants her fire powers! She used to fight with a melee staff coated in fire, but since her injury she's been forced to learn spellcasting instead. She has a good head for tactics, and is usually the one that plans the team's strategy.

Artemis loves women, and is self-conscious about limping when she walks.


Ofelia grew up in a family of dragon dreamers based in the temperate zone of the islands, surrounded by thick forest and clear lakes. Her parents ran one of the most successful guilds before they retired, and her older sister is a regular on a famous team. Always competitive, Ofelia strives tirelessly to be the best, both in raw strength and in theory. The problem is only her foul temper; it's her way or the highway, and her anger is quick to ignite. So despite her skill, no one wants her on their team. Until Figaro comes along.

A powerful ability called Beast Blood runs in her family. It makes her able to fully bond with her dragon; transforming herself into a half-dragon. In normal form, she fights with an oversized crossbow that fires magic projectiles. When she's transformed, her weapon also transforms; into a giant sword.

Ofelia loves animals, and is really, really bad at drawing.


Jaxie comes from a family of construction workers, living in a warm region with plenty of mountains. Growing up, she idolized dragon dreamers, especially those who were strong attackers or leaders. She is very knowledgeable about the sport, and a true super-fan. Her family hesitantly supports her career choice. Jaxie often spaces out in the middle of conversation, and people sometimes make fun of her staring eyes. She's a very honest person, to the point of bluntness, but she's also considerate and caring.

The magic her dragon supplies make her able to transmute objects into other forms. For example, she could reshape the ground into a wall of dirt, or her fighting mitts into glaive and shield. She often takes on a protective role in battle, despite wishing she was a good attacker.

Jaxie loves floral patterns, and you don't want to see her angry.

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